by Kingsblood

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released March 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Kingsblood Columbus, Ohio

Inspired mostly by Swedish style death metal Kingsblood has been an entity in the works for several years but didn't quite gain their footing until 2011. They burst on the scene with their first show opening for the legendary death metal band Immolation. After that show the ball was truly rolling for them playing many major shows, getting great reviews, and releasing an amazing EP A KING REBORN. ... more

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War has called to me and I
Will answer to its will
To end the wrath of the tyrant God who sits upon the throne
Made of skulls
He must pay
For the lives
He has taken from my kind
We must stand and fight
To defend this honor
We are the brave
We are the strong
This our time
Rise up now
Let the wicked fall to there
Knees and beg for life
They are so weak
And we are strong
This is our time
We must fight
And we must rise
Rise to fight
I feel so alone
In this never ending quest
My pain strengthens me
Gives me the will to fight
This is my time
Where I stand alone
Agents these odds
Agents these odds
This is my fight
Tyrant will fall
As we march to our end
I will show no fear
This is my time of death
This is my time to rise
We will fight
We will die
The king of the wolves
Finrir beast of the north
monster of the River Van
Seeks free from imprisonment
His wrath is truly known
Sent to vanquish our Gods
His strength grows each day
He wont rest till he has
Killed all the Gods
He wont be tied down
The tether will break
He shall rise up
Ripping the throat of the weak
Strike hard and take what's his
His wrath is truly known
He will take them out
The Gods will fall
Bleed the blood of the holy
They will fall, Gods will die they will
Fall to there knees all will fall
They shall pay beg for life as they cry out
The time of man is now
Son of Loki
Beast of the North
Monster of the River Van
King of the Wolves
Beast of the River Van
King of the Wolves
Monster of the River Van
Your time is now
Your time is at hand
It will consume your soul
The mountain made from ice
The giants from the North
They love to take what's ours
They love to eat our flesh
They are the wicked beings
They will take pleasure in killing
They will peal our flesh
Devour us
On this night we stand
Proud and strong
We will not survive
We shall die
We will stand and fight
Giants they will die
We shall fight
The glory is ours
The giants they will fight
We shall stand our ground
I will not lose sight
The battle rages
As we take the field
Our shields our blade will cut threw
We will not let this go
This is my final fight
We will fight
I see that you suffer
I will be there to pick you up
My strength is yours
I will be there
There is no victory
For those who have not given their lives
My strength is yours
I will be there
My strength is yours
As we ascend
My strength is yours
We must rise
My strength is yours
We must rise
Now is your time
You must ascend
Return to the throne
My King
My King
My King
For honor
Stand and fight
We stand for you
Proud and strong
You give us the strength
We die for you
For honor
Stand and fight
For honor
Stand and fight